The bakery is located next to the butcher shop.

Asian stocks were mixed.

Let's go for a ride in your new car.

I don't want to be tied to one company.


How hard would that be?


I was up all night reading.

"Do I really have that good a personality?" "Impossible. After all, there's this time as well, but in middle school you sold off girl's pants all over to bring in the money."

My immediate neighbors are a commercial center, a hospital, a church, and a metro station.

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It's very unlikely.


I won't go to Australia this year.

Now I can look after myself.

I really don't need any help.

A lot of people were killed in World War II.

He inherited the business from his father.


They know what's happening.

I thought you left with Hy.

Originally, Abraham Lincoln wanted all slaves to be deported to Africa or the Caribbean.

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They're amused.

I need to get a hold of them.

Do you think Agatha would like this?

Alsace is a very beautiful province of France.

Is he direct?

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The book is too expensive.

Hal is happy to be home.

Mechael knows a lot about dogs.

When do they open the dining room?

It was a very pleasurable experience.

The student ended up sleeping in the classroom.

The conference will commence in due course.

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He's sitting next to his brother.


Love is in the air.

I saw a flower on the table.

I'm pressing charges.

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Lar stared at his reflection in the mirror.


These streets see more and more outbreaks of vigilante violence.

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I only told you, no one else.

I gave it to Norbert.

Listen, I have a good idea.

She's a pedicurist.

A monkey is climbing up a tall tree.


Can we get started?

He disguised himself as Santa Claus to please his children.

They scorned the liar.

Don't obey him.

Make the cut deeper.


In German you use the ending "-in" for female forms of nouns.

What makes you so confident?

They went out after they finished lunch.

I haven't gotten your e-mail yet. Maybe you typed in the wrong address?

She handed me a postcard.

I want to learn how.

I'm totally and completely in love with you.

Our tour guide's name was Roberta.

I'm a student from Italy.

He lives in a trailer park.

They were vacant apartments or homes.


Staph infections in hospitals pose a significant threat to the health of postoperative surgical patients.


Lock the dog in the kitchen.

I fell over it and broke my leg

Surya is gasping.

She entered her twenties.

Would people complain about that?

Do you want to talk about it at all?

Life is not all fun and games.


He exhibited a number of behaviors typical of his diagnosis.

It's obvious that Greg isn't talking to Vladimir.

Urs pulled out some ID.


I don't know if she wants to come with me.

Who made dinner?

A gunshot was heard in the distance.

Being poor, they had to work hard.

Kimberly didn't know that Malus was going to Australia.


How can I embed the debt clock on my Web site?

The store is not open today.

I'm sure I have something here that you could use.

I looked about for the mailbox.

She left this.


I shouldn't have overdone it.

Anna donated money to the Red Cross to help survivors of the earthquake.

As a consequence, additional tests must be carried out to ensure complete security.

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That house is small, but it's big enough for us.


Claudia lodged his complaint with the manager.

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Tor is a dermatologist.


She broke with her family long ago.

I don't think we can keep the lid on the scandal much longer; people are bound to find out.

You do not speak English.

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I think I'll go to Boston next Monday.

I wish you could come with us.

We are excited at the news.

Pravin gave Mickey plenty to eat.

Rakhal is someone I admire.

Who has made you what you are now?

Marguerite stamped her foot three times.

We are finally free.

Per does volunteer work.

What is two and two multiplied by two?

Tea with ice isn't good without sugar.

Stock prices declined for five consecutive days.

I can't afford to buy a used car, much less a new car.


Gary has a big house.

Isn't that against the law?

"Then I will be all yours," said the little white rabbit.

Pantelis is completely harmless.

Isn't that right?

Pratapwant's story brought tears to my eyes.

Her dress has white spots on a blue background.

The cherry blossom season brings crowds of people to parks.

She arrived when we were about to leave.

Is the wait worth it?

This movie is worth seeing.


How about going to the movie tonight?

You must take off your shoes here.

If Nigel doesn't eat this, please give it to Francis.


I don't want you to tell this to anybody.


That's what you said yesterday.

Make sure you tell them that.

It is my belief, that communication is a human right.


Do you want a boiled egg for breakfast?


What the hell's wrong with you?

"It was worth the two-hour wait, huh." "Yeah! I'll cherish this autograph for the rest of my life."

The first Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago came from Africa.


She wants to dance.

The doctor did everything possible as a physician to save the life of the dying child; he also gave his blood to help the child weather the storm.

I'm probably not as busy as Mitch is.

I'll call back a bit later.

Sandeep is making jam.


The cat's kittens are cute.

She's like my own daughter.

I'm ready to throw in the towel.

Arrogance leads to a person's downfall.

I remember it like it happened yesterday.

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Are you coming home tonight?


Miles suffered an overwhelming loss with the death of his mother.

The town was zoned for factories and residences.

We've been working on this.

It can happen here.

I wasn't married at that time.

This ought to cheer you up.

Which one do you think he chose?

Tickets are $30 and can be bought at the door the evening of the concert.

Earl doesn't go to church.

Do you mind me leaving the lights on?

I drink milk almost every day.

There's not much to see.

Danger gives relish to adventure.

I like the assumption that everyone is trying his best, and we should all just be kind to each other.

I wanted her to win.


He is one of my best friends.

I thought Lenora liked riddles.

Vladimir used to be quite wealthy, but he's come down in the world.

I've already signed the contract.

Jeffery dresses like a girl.

Small pots have long handles.

I really feel like crying right now.

I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

Are you chicken, Jinny?

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I couldn't kill her.

What has he done to you?

The man who lives next to Martha is quite peculiar.

I feel happier than I've ever felt before.

Samuel fell in love in Germany.

I don't want to drink too much coffee.

It can't happen now.